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How to open a Franchise Gelato Store in USA

What should I know to become a 4D Epic partner

What kind of location should I look for?
The typical Gelateria 4D Epic store is located in a high traffic shopping center, store front location, or mall. In some cases, the Gelato shop can exist in a “free standing” building. The typical size of the store should be between 600 to 1,200 square feet, but we can always adapt our design and layout to meet in case of high density traffic area.
How do I select a top notch location?
Gelateria 4D’s Management will provide you high level guidelines you toward the sites where you will establish your Gelato shop. We review your proposed location based on population density, traffic patterns, accessibility of the location, and the location’s proximity to traffic generators such as other businesses.
Which is the length of a 4D Epic franchising agreement?
The initial term of the Agreement will be of 10 years.
Will I have a protected location?
A protected location is granted to every 4D Epic franchise location.
How long will it take to open a Gelateria 4D Epic?
After the final agreements are signed and you’re the proud owner of a new Gelateria 4D Epic franchise, it can take as little as 4 to 6 months to open your business. This depends on the time it takes to select a location for your business, obtaining all business licenses and permits and building out the interior to comply with the Gelateria 4D interior design standards.
What kind of support will I receive?
Gelateria 4D will offer:
Pre-opening Training – Gelateria 4D trainers will make sure that you are completely prepared to run your store in line with Gelateria 4D quality standard.
Post opening Assistance - Upon the opening of your store, we will provide a trainer to stay and guide you through your first week of operation.
Ongoing support from Gelateria 4D’s staff - We want you to feel confident with daily operations; guidance and support are never more than a phone call away. In addition to ongoing updates from our Franchise development team, you will receive visits from on the site support Gelateria 4D representatives and constant phone and email support.
Will I receive guidance on purchasing store equipment, supplies and ingredients?
Of course! Our business franchise development team, by leveraging on the existing Gelateria 4D vendor programs and thanks to the strong relationship developed with leading companies in the gelato’s industry, will be able to provide you with all the consumable and equipment necessary to run the gelato stores at preferred market conditions.
How much does it cost to open a Gelateria 4D Epic point of sale?
The ultimate cost is determined by the size of the shop but the total start-up investment range is from $180,000- $260,000.
These costs include the initial franchise fee, equipment, leasehold improvements (if necessary) and start up inventory.
What are our Royalties?
Gelateria 4D’s royalties are 6% of ongoing sales.
If you are interested in learning more about this Epic opportunity, fill out the form in the 4D Franchise application section.
After we receive your form, one of our Gelateria 4D business development manager will arrange to meet with you in order to answer any questions you may have and to give you more insights about the 4D Epic franchise system.

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